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My name is Esther Curry. I live in Jacksonville, Florida with my husband, Calvin. I am passionate about food, writing, and fashion. I hope to inspire and teach you how to prepare nutritious food that is crave-worthy, effortless and healthy.

I believe…

  1. Eating healthy does not have to consist of over-cooked dry chicken and steamed broccoli
  2. Anyone can get creative in the kitchen and make a tasty dish; you just need to learn a few techniques and trust yourself
  3. Getting up-close and personal with food is beneficial
  4. You must taste your food as you cook
  5. Garlic is the little black dress of cooking


I have been cooking for over ten years. The first creative dish I made was a corn pancake with smoked salmon, cottage cheese, and chopped dill. It was indeed, a flop. But hey, I tried!

After watching “Barfoot Contessa” and “Giada at Home” on the Food Network channel every afternoon as a clueless newlywed, I learned cooking techniques, chef terms and how to chop vegetables. I cooked a lot and took risks. After a while, I wasn’t afraid to veer off the ingredients of the recipe and make it my own by adding or taking away from the recipe.

Eventually, I was making up my dish as I cooked. Just like a painter goes to their canvas and paints whats on their mind.
At the grocery store, I would decide what looked fresh and sounded good; then I would make a dish out of it. All the while, I tried to make it as healthy and flavorful as possible.
I am still learning every day and improving my cooking skills. And what I do know, I hope it can be of help in some way.

I also have a love for coffee, vintage clothes, filmmaking, eyebrows, skincare, singing, old movies, playing the piano and ukulele.

Thanks for stopping by, It means a lot!

Esther Curry